Billing Information

Please be aware that you will receive a bill from Palmetto Anesthesia Associates that is separate from your hospital bill. The physicians of Palmetto Anesthesia Associates are not employees of the hospital and therefore bill separately for the expertise and service we provide.

You will likely have an anesthesia portion on your hospital bill as well. This includes the medications, equipment, and specially trained anesthesia nurses involved in your care. The billing company for Palmetto Anesthesia Associates will file a claim with your insurance company, but you will be responsible for any deductible not met and any allowable co-payment required by your insurance provider.

In order to pay your bill via the secure online website, you will need to login using your access key which is located in the middle of the statement and to the right of the computer icon.


Patients with Date of Surgery after October 31, 2023

Dear Patient,

Palmetto Anesthesia is proud to be a part of your surgical Care. We participate with most major insurance carriers. However, there is a possibility we may not participate with your insurance plan. If we are considered out-of-network, we will make every effort to request your services to be processed as in-network. Please contact your insurance company to verify your network status and benefits.

If your procedure is not covered by insurance, you may be asked to pay your anesthesia services prior to the procedure. We will make every effort to offer payment options.

Please see contact information below for all billing and payment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns.

Palmetto Anesthesia Team

Pre-Surgery Quotes:

Phone: (800) 991-0627
Fax: (864) 999-3713

Patient Balance Questions:

Phone: (855) 613-0474


Phone: (800) 991-0627
Fax: (864) 999-3713
click “prepay for Procedure”

Pay your bill by check

In order to pay your bill via check, please remit the payment to:
Palmetto Anesthesia Associates
PO Box 63436
Charlotte, NC 28263-3436